I am Ronald, 39 and living in the Netherland. I’ve been playing Football Manager games even before Championship Manager, when I was young when we got our first computer I found a football manager game called The Manager. There was a German Bundesliga Version and an English Premier League version I played the latter. I remember playing clubs like Wimbledon and Crystal Palace. Even then I also liked playing I often started in the Football League Fourth Division what is now called the English Football League Two and work my team up the divisions to the Premier League. I started playing Championship Manager Italia where my fondest memory is playing Parma and getting all the top Italian Players and becoming unbeatable. In Championship Manager 2000/2001 I played FC Eindhoven in the 2nd tier in the Netherlands and Rushden & Diamonds in the English Third Division, in Football Manager 2007 I played Cisco Roma in the lower Leagues of Italy and IK Sleipner in Sweden in Football Manager 2008.

After this, I took a break for a couple of years and returned only a couple of years ago with Football Manager 2017 which I played for almost three years. A few examples of my savegames in Football Manager 2017 are 20 seasons at Rock Cosmos which started in the fourth division in Gibraltar and Manager of the National Team of Gibraltar and I played five seasons in the Swiss league with the Liechtensteiner club FC Schaan where I brought them from the 3L Ostschweizer Fussballverband Gr 1 (7th tier) to Première ligue promotion (3rth tier) until I found out that there was a problem with Liechtensteiner Cup which made it impossible for me to qualify to Europe in the future. I also played 12 seasons with HVV who start in the dutch 7th tier, besides Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV the only club who are allowed to wear a star on their shirt for winning the league ten times or more. I brought them back to the top tier and eventually Champions after more than hundered years after their last time they were champions.

I recently started playing Football Manager 2020 and started a game again with Liechtenstein club Schaan in the 7th tier of Swiss Football.

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