Schaan Redux – Season 1 – Preseason

Media Dream eleven confirmed what I already knew we had a good team. Seven of the Eleven players in the media dream eleven are players of our team. Triesenberg who are expected by the media to become second in the league had three players and Nicola Barmaz was the sole player in the media dream eleven playing for FC Flums who are expected to be fourth in the competition

I already had a whole line up for the preseason planned. We started with games against our under 17 team and our second team to get our physical condition up to par and to get some Match Sharpness up. After that our preseason really started with games against fellow Liechtensteiner clubs the second team of Eschen/Mauren en against Balzers. The next few games we would really need to step up our game with games against clubs who played much higher than us both FC Lausanne-Sport and Fussballclub Schaffhausen play in the Challenge League the second tier in Switzerland. The games after that we play against the second team of FC Ingolstadt 04 and FC Ingolstadt 04 II and both teams play in the Bayernliga Süd the fifth tier in Germany. The final game planned was against the Italian club Virtus Vecomp Verona who play in the Lega Pro Girone B the third tier in Italy.

Our first game was against our under 17 teams, as expected we won pretty easily. The under 17 team did score two goals against us which should be worrisome but we did not have our incoming transfers and most players who played now would be on the bench or even in the reserves by the end of the preseason

The second match was against our reserve team which we won 3-1. As with the previous game I didn’t put too much weight on this game seeing the team would still significantly change before the end of the preseason. If was a good exhibition match for some of the players currently here to show me what they have and maybe fight to keep a spot but seeing the level of the players and the players that were coming in it looked very bleak for them.

Our first real game was against the second team of Eschen/Mauren who play in the division below us in the 4. Liga Ostschweiz. We played well and won 4-0 as expected against a team who play in a division below us and us weaker than us. New transfer Lucas Eberle made his mark on this game by scoring twice and Marco Oehri made a bad impression by missing a penalty that could have made it 5-0.

The games against Balzers was our first real challenging game in the preseason, the fellow Liechtensteiner club plays in the 1e Ligue which is the fourth tier and three levels above were we are playing. Although all that we played very well by losing only 0-1 against a team much stronger. We had 9 shots against their 6 shots, we had 5 shots on target against their 3 shots on target and we had 59% possession while they had 41%. Them scoring while we were betting according to the statistics just shows how they are the better team and are able to finishing the chances they had.

Us losing to Lausanne Sport was to be expected seeing they play 5 divisions above us. It took them a long time before they did actually score. The first goal was by Aldin Turkes in the 76th minute and the 2-0 was scored by Dan Ndoye in the 80th minute. They were the better time but seeing we had withheld them from scoring for 75 we had hoped that we could draw with them which in the end did not happen they are a better team than we are.

This game, like the previous game, was against the much bigger team and we expected to lose but by some miracle that did not happen, we won the game by 3-1. Moritz Eidenbenz scored the 1-0, in the 38th minute Joshua Eggenberger scored a rebound after he missed the penalty and shortly after the start of the second half in the 49th minute Marco Oehri scored the 3-0. It took Schaffhausen until the 89th minute to score by the Italian Danilo Del Toro.

In our game again FC Ingolstadt 04 II we gave away a 2-0 lead to make in 2-2 in the end. Valentin Flatz scored the 1-0 in the 43rd minute and Joshua Eggenberger who made a good impression in the preseason scored the 2-0 in the 46th minute. At the end of the game like the previous game, we started to get tired and the game slipped out of our hands. Ingolstadt’s Jochen Leuthard scored in the 84th and the equalizer in the 88th minute. Setting that aside drawing against them was still a good result.

The first half in our game against the second team of 1860 Munchen was pretty tame only in the second half both teams really started playing which resulted in goals. They opened the score in the 53rd minute, We equalized in the 74th minute with a goal by who else but Marco Oehri and even got ahead with Eris Burak scoring in the 81st minute. As been the case in many games this preseason the opposition made the equalizer late in the game, this time in the 91st minute. We had nothing to be ashamed of though with this result. I called it a win for us.

The final game of our preseason was also the hardest game. After only 2 minutes we are behind 1-0 by a goal by Andrea Magrassi. Getting a goal against you that quick against a team that is much bigger and stronger you expect it to be a goal-fest for the other team but luckily that did not happen. Andrea Magrassi also scored the 2-0, in the extra time of the first half and that is how it stayed. We did have more shots and almost as many shots on goal as Virtus Verona.

All in all, we had a good preseason, we played against some much stronger teams than us but we never really lost by a big goal difference. We had some draws which were surprising, we lost a couple by only one or two goals difference while the expectation was that they would beat us easily. We made a good impression and I am looking forward to the start of the season.

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