Schaan Redux – Introduction

I recently started playing Football Manager 2020 after having played Football Manager 2017 for over two and a half years. After some test games with Manchester City in the Premier League and Annbank United in the Scottish Junior FA West Region League Two my eye fell in a database I found in the SI forums. One of my games was Football Manager 2017 was a game with Schaan, a Liechtenstein club who because Liechtenstein does not have their own competition play in the competition in Switzerland in the Swiss Liga Ostschweiz which is the seventh tier. Besides Liechtenstein not having their own competition the unique thing is that all clubs from Liechtenstein in the Liechtensteiner cup and the winner will be the sole representative for Liechtenstein in Europe and will start in the 1st Qualification round for the UEFA Europa League. Vaduz who plays in the Challenge League is by far the strongest club and always the Liechtensteiner cup. In the 4th season of my game with Schaan I noticed that Vaduz qualified for Europe even though they lose the final of the Liechtensteiner cup meaning I could not qualify for Europe and so I quite that savegame.

Now in Football Manager 2020 as I said I saw the Swiss lower league database that includes the Liechtensteiner cup and with the reassurance, that same problem would not occur. This is my second attempt hence the name Schaan redux. The idea is to bring Schaan up the Swiss leagues and eventually up to the Raiffeisen Super League the top tier in Switzerland. Another goal is to become better than and beat Vaduz and win the Liechtensteiner cup and qualify for Europe. Of course, I have further aspirations but that is all in the far future. Another thing I would like to do is become the manager or the national team of Liechtenstein and see what I can do there. This also is a long term goal, to start with I might eventually have to settle with starting as the manager of the Liechtenstein under 19 team.

To keep it somewhat realistic I have set some limitations on myself. Schaan as all clubs this level are amateur clubs meaning they do not pay their players and staff. Players will realistically speaking not move halfway across the country let alone moving halfway across the world. As such I am limiting the players I am able to sign to 1. players who have Liechtenstein citizenship 2. Play or played for Liechtensteiner clubs or 3. Played for clubs closeby (the same division and group as us). As we go up the league the rules will be less strict seeing we’ll be paying them (some) money and I’ll allow us to cast a wider net for players to sign.

I hope I will get past the twenty-four seasons I played in my Football Manager 17 game with Gibraltar and make this a long term save.


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